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A three-capped full-service agency with roots in London & Amsterdam. We specialise in – Content Marketing 🍄 AR & 2D/3D Art 🍄 Back-end Development. Our underground network of freelancers specialise in – Social Media Management & Graphic Design

Phil Cohn 🍄 AR & 2D/3D Artist

My areas of expertise are Augmented Reality, 3D and 2D illustration. I have always been fascinated with art and design, and enjoy writing about it!

Kay Wilkinson 🍄 Back-end Dev

I specialise in building a variety of tools using Django and enjoy building small projects, open-source python packages and writing tutorials in my spare time.

Phil Adams 🍄 Content Marketer

For nine-years I have immersed myself in the growing field of digital content. I have cultivated the art of copywriting, video production & content management systems.


Most agencies have no limit to how many clients they take on… This means they are often overstretched and can’t offer enough care and attention while collaborating.

We prefer to cultivate a small number of quality clients so we can deliver our best work. Always. For over six years we have proudly produced digital assets for our clients. Take a look below!

More important now than ever; we utilise Zoom, Slack and Trello to collaborate ‘LIVE’ with our clients around the world.

Every Woman Expo

Video Editing

Imaginary Space Station

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Take an AR Museum Tour

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Discover… Tourism Posters

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Mushroom Forest

3D Animation

Revolutionary highway tech

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Self-driving Cars Need Edge

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RetroChlor Product Description


Highways Industry Advert

Video Editing

Kill your speed, not my daddy!

Content Marketing

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Edge Computing Event

Video Producing



“Mushrooms are red, underneath they are blue,

I see you hovering, let’s talk about you!” – Phil